September 28, 2012


I can hardly put into words the incredible day we had as a family yesterday. It was what we would consider perfect.

You see, my husband took pretty much the month of September off from his paid job.  It was his vacation time, but he spent almost every day at the farm fencing a huge pasture.

Some of you may think this would be something weird to celebrate, but there is SO much more to that.

You see...This is THE pasture. The one we were married on. The one my husband has wanted cattle on for what seems like forever. The one we are going to build our home on in a couple of years. 

After weeks of hard work, we all came down with him and helped finish the gates.

We donned our coveralls ( My excitement over my new farm coveralls is entirely another post), and we painted those farm gates the best we could.
It was fun working together on the farm. The children loved being so useful, and it was a blast working together on such a beautiful fall day.

We laughed. We loved. We had a picnic with some well earned Hot Chocolate. We sat on the very spot our house will be built and we dreamed.
As we let the happy cattle out onto their new 9 acre pasture, we smiled watching our dream becoming a reality.


Alyson said...

hello mom! I really like yourpictures. We had so much fun doing that.

Kaitlin @ Homemaker Design said...

That's fantastic! :D I can't wait to see (though yes...I know a few years yet) the house you plan on building!! And I know how lovely it is to have a hubby home and working on 'the farm' (I only put that in quotations for my end of it...seeing as we are only starting our farming adventure!) ;)

And oooh, I'd love to talk about beekeeping with you - I hoping to get into that in the next couple of years! :D