September 19, 2012

Art Class disguised as a Birthday Party ;)

One of the reasons my 7 year old didn't like school, is that she thought it was quite unfair that she didn't get the day off for such a special occasion.  I agree. I think a day off should always be awarded to the birthday person.

One of the perks of homeschooling is that we get to do what we want, when we want, and today was no different.  Our baby turns 3 this week and wanted a princess party with her little friends. I would be lying if I didn't say it was a lot of fun.   How could it not be when all that was involved was a relaxed play time, with my older girls watching the kids, and us moms drinking coffee, chatting and finishing 'their' craft??

I love that I have this birthday thing down. Especially at 3. A balloon, some friends and some cupcakes. Oh, and lots of coffee :)  Let them paint something, and then play with toys for hours. Good enough for me!!   It helped having only two little friends over. I've never been one for crowds of screaming kids.
We all seemed to get into the craft. I'm really not sure who had more fun. The kids or us. 

My older kids loved the craft, and ended up mixing some colours and making some pretty great creations.  Does all this count as Art Class? Ummm y'a!  Only better because they didn't have to finish it in the class time allotted. 
Want to know the funniest part of the day??  As I sit here typing this post (because I really need a little space to myself for a sec), the pictures below are what I am looking at. 

That would be the older 3 playing school. Erin is the teacher and they are doing their real work books.  Too funny.  Oh, and the birthday girl??  She is sitting on her throne 'singing' VERY LOUDLY into a mic that turns her voice into a chipmunk. OVER AND OVER AND OVER again.
She is lucky it is her birthday :)
So that was our home schooling day for today.  Let's see... subjects covered were:
Home Economics:      Cupcake baking, and Party planning,
Art:               Freestyle paint and colour mixing
Character:     Getting along with others and sharing,
Gym:            Trampoline
Science:       Diffusion of sparkles across a house (o.k that is stretching it)
Book Work:   Math for Peyton and English for Lara. How to be a leader for Erin :)
Health:         Why we need to bathe, and what happens when we eat too many cupcakes
English/History:  Reading living history books for quiet time
Lol no this is not a typical home school day for us. Obviously a little on the lighter side. The great part is that tomorrow they will do a little more work to make up for it. They may not get out of their jammies because of it, but really...who really cares.

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Jacs said...

It sounds and looks like a wonderful day. What a fabulous way to celebrate a birthday! Happy 3rd Birhday!!