September 29, 2012

All about BEES!!

My oldest daughter has joined the 4H Bee Club. O.K..I've sort of joined with her ;) I have read all about Bee's, had my first apprenticeship with a Beekeeper, ordered my Bee suit, and now Lara is learning right alongside me.

We will be ready for our first hive in late spring 2013. The girls are just as excited. I have grand plans of honey sales, and they are pretty excited about selling lip balm and candles at the Farmer's Market.
The picture above is a window hive. The bees fly in and out of the 'hive' via a tube in the wall.  Creepy but really cool to see.

This is the Beekeeper showing us how to extract honey from a frame. Can you believe there is over 6 pounds of honey in that frame?!   I can't tell you how yummy the honey tasted directly from the hive.

You will just have to come to Alyson's Bee Class in 2015 to find out :)

The things that occupy my time and energy these days still make me laugh.  I just love getting closer and closer to our goal.  Adam is happy to see the cows out, and I dance for joy when I acquire another outfit.  If I'm going to do this I need to look good doing it right? 

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LaughingLady said...

SO COOL!! I love seeing the progress you guys are making towards your goals!