September 05, 2012

Daily Adventures

I suppose I should been writing this post after my blog reflecting on our summer, and the one about comparing school to homeschooling, and why we are now homeschooling again.  Those posts however remain unwritten. Sorry. If I find the time and the head space perhaps I will sit down and reflect a little. 

Until then, just know that school was a great experience for us, and you will not find me bashing my children's local school. Instead, it was their amazing-ness that allowed me to put my kids in their hands and not worry.  There are pro's and con's to both methods, and I'm really glad we got to experience both.
Also, know that it is my girls that were and are the most excited about another homeschooling journey. I know right? weird. I was not expecting this.

Anyway, we are day 3 into year 6th and so far so good.  This year I feel confident in my curriculum choices, and have a good handle on what will work for us. I like that I no longer panic.  It is a big deal being solely responsible for our kids education.  But it is worth it. I just can't blame anyone else if something goes wrong :)

Day 'one' the kids had a GREAT time playing restaurant. They even made a real lunch and served us. It was nice to see them playing so well with their brother again. Something that doesn't seem to happen often anymore.
Day 'two' was the NOT GOING TO SCHOOL PICNIC at a completely deserted park and beach. Oh, except for the 29 homeschooling families in attendance. It was great to reconnect with everyone, share ideas, meet new people and support each other.  We spent the entire day there, and despite some rain, it was fun. I think next year we are going to have to call it 'The 8th annual Capture the Flag day'.   The big kids seem to really look forward to it every year.  
Yesterday ended with a trip to the library to return and take out more books to lose under the couch.
Today is our first 'Real day'.  The kids get to sit down with some of their curriculum, an we begin somewhat of a routine.  I'll talk about it another time.
For now, I must sign off. Farm chores need to be completed, and learning needs to be had.

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anita said...

Peyton's face is priceless here. What a ham!