September 07, 2012

I'm a canner! Well sort of

Tomato sauce,
Simply Tomato's,
Zucchini relish,

(This after.... Jam, and frozen veggies.)

Canning success!
So far anyway. The only one that hasn't turned out well (so far) is the salsa.  I'm pretty sure I created a little botulism in a couple of jars, but two out of 20 isn't bad is it?

Now don't be too impressed. I haven't canned enough to last a year or anything. I'm just getting used to this new eat fresh in the summer, and can the rest for the winter type of living.  Now I totally get why people eat pickled things like sauerkraut.  What a great way to eat nutritious cabbage in the winter!  I'm not sure why I never looked at it that way.  Probably because I have lived the last 30 some years of my life eating what I wanted, when I wanted.

On that note, not only am I apprenticing with a local Beekeeper, I'm taking a course on cheese making. I'm so ready to have our own dairy cow, and preserve her goodness with cheese and other products.

Soon we really WILL be the land flowing with milk and honey! So funny.

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Jacs said...

Very impressive! There's a real art to it, I think. Great way to preserve food for the winter.

Steve and I tried canning a couple fo years ago and it turned out well, except for financially. The initial investment is worth it though. It really helps to grow your own, something that's on my radar but didn't happen at all this year on our postage stamp plot. We do a lot of freezing too. Eat today at tomorrow's prices, is the way I think of it.

Good luck with the milk and honey!