August 02, 2012

When did August come around?

I'm pretty sure somewhere between swimming lessons, wallpaper selections, and chicken processing day.  Yup...right around there.

The days are hot and humid around here and they are nicely blending together. Don't ask me what day it is, as I'm quite unsure.  Frankly I don't care. We are enjoying just being the family that we are. When I get to spend a rare long day with my husband I'm pretty sure I do my best to soak up as much as him as I can.

I long for the day we will farm this land full time. I long for the days when he comes and goes from the farm and no longer works nights.  We know this is the calling for our lives and it gets stronger the longer we immerse ourselves in the land around us.    I need to stop reading Soule Mama's blog though. She just reminds me of  where I want to be and how far I have to go!  lol  Sometimes it is best to just focus on the here and now and not dream too much.  I want to be content with the present.

On another note...yes we are homeschooling again. Our year long school adventure, as wonderful as it was, and amazing as the school was, is just not for our family.  There is no good or bad, or better or worse.  There is just what is best for our family at this time.  We are all happy with this decision and are busy getting ready and prepared for another homeschooling adventure.  I'll leave it at that.

I have a dog that is begging me to take her off I go today to see what lies ahead for me.

Have a wonderful day

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Suzin said...

I love Soule Mama's blog, but there are times I am actually serious when I say I can't look at it... and I have no dreams of becoming a farmer of any kind. Just watching her easy meals, her, what appears to be, always obedient and easy going relaxed children and that both her and her husband are home throughout the day-oh dear, envy gets the best of me almost every time. I mean really, is there ever discord there!!! Does anyone ever dread waking up, resent the early morning wake ups....but then I shake myself, realize it is blog land and not real life, and read if for no other reason, her pictures!!!!

Good to hear you made your decision about homeschooling. I assume the kids and happy and you as well. Whatever works best for your family..

Just back from NFLD. Will call soon