August 06, 2012

The moments that make up a Glorious Day...for me

It was a Glorious day in so many ways today.  So much happened today including work, laughter and good attitudes. I spent the morning cleaning a chicken coop (satisfying believe it or not), jumping on a trampoline, and visiting with a great friend. 

I cleaned Henry's wool that we sheared back in May. I thought that was kind of fun. 

That's me cutting out all the gnarled hair, straw bits and clumps.  This is only 1/3 of the hair we have. I figured I would do it in batches so I don't pull my own hair out. 

Oh..on the fridge beside me is our new chore chart. We are on week two and it was one of the best things I've done in a while. I'll blog about it later because it is just that awesome.  I stole the ideas from a bunch of people off Pinterest so don't be too impressed.

Here are my babies helping me wash the wool. We put it in a laundry bag, added a little soap to the baby pool and let it soak for 1/2 hour.  Again...Don't be impressed. You Tube taught me how to do this one.
Here is the water after 1/2 hour. We had to rinse and repeat 3 times and even then I don't think all the dirt is out.

All washed and in the sun.  I still had a bunch of straw to pick out. Now I know why the You Tube people used a blow dryer on the Alpaca to get the stuff out before shearing.

Ah... There we are. Drying in the evening sun alongside my onions and garlic. Other than the cars in the background I would say it is almost an 'Anne' moment wouldn't you?? No I'm not going to spin it. I think instead it will be stuffing for a pillow. Of course never say never! lol
Anyway, enough about Alpaca wool.  Here are a few other reasons why my day was great.  Above is what it looks like outside my computer window.  I am blessed with the most beautiful hydrangea bush/tree.  Again...don't hate. I had nothing to do with the pruning and care of this thing. It was here when we moved in.
Remember our new duck babies?? Those are them on the left (Ding and Dong). Ping and Pong on the right of the picture are their real parents (not the chicken).  Pong does not realize it and has become super mean to Dong. Anyone want a duck?
The view from my deck made me happy tonight. A trampoline that was well used today. So much fun on that thing. And yes that is a calf hut being used as a dog house :)
I even cooked a turnip today. I can honestly say that I have never cooked a turnip in my life. Let alone grown one. O.K I didn't grow this either. My mother in law did. What to do...what to do...

I had to come up with dinner anyway so I decided to take advantage of my kids amazing attitudes today and make it a cool first time turnip tasting experience.   and they bought it!!! suckers.

Mashed potatoes and turnip cooked in homemade chicken broth it was.  Along with fresh sweet corn, cucumbers, beans and tomatoes from the garden. Oh and our beef of course. Seriously. I'm pretty sure only our own home made ice cream (dairy cow to come in the future), could make this better.

Fresh cut flowers from our garden on the table....yep. It is the simple things that bring a smile to my face.
That seems to be the theme of the summer. Simple and fun. Like throwing a party for absolutely no reason other than to have a little fun.  Again....not my idea. I'm not that creative or energetic. It was the girls idea. I just drank coffee and watched.
Like bobbing for apples and popping balloons with their butts to get the candy out, and watching them entertain their friends.

Glorious day....Glorious summer.


Carey said...

IT certainly sounds and looks like a wonderful day! I hope youday today is more of the same wonderful fun!

Dad said...

As Jane would say, You are truly Blessed today.

Jacs said...

You sound and look so balanced and at peace. Enjoy every moment!