July 29, 2012

Why the new Blog Title...

You may be wondering why I've changed my blog title. Actually I've been meaning to change it for YEARS now, but couldn't come up with the right fit.  The word 'proud' makes me uncomfortable, because pride is something I certainly don't strive for. 

At first it was my way of accepting that I was 'going country'.  Now I've fully embraced it, and it is a part of my soul. Country is just me and there is a peace in that....not pride.

I would change my entire URL, but unfortunately every cool title I could find with happy pace in it was and is taken. So same URL... different title.  Same person, but now the title of my blog reflects what I'm all about a little more.

When reflecting on my life, and what is going on, and perusing through all our family pictures over the years, there is a common theme that speaks to my heart.  That theme is SIMPLICITY.

The moments that capture my heart, and the moments that give me great joy, and the moments I take pictures of are the simple ones. 

Our family photos are filled with reminders of the times I took to watch them grow and be kids. They remind me of the laughs, and the simple joy in life. They remind me of why I'm a stay at home mom and why we homeschooled for 5 years.   I'm so glad to have so many moments with them, and I wouldn't trade this time for anything.

I can't stand being busy all the time. I can do it for a while, but I am my happiest when there is free time to just hang out and 'be'. I am happiest when I have time to do what I need and want to do as a wife and mother.

My entire life I've always loved 'speed' and excitement. The adrenaline rush was something I always thought made me 'happy'.  But true happiness and contentment for me comes from moments that touch my soul. And moments like that can only happen if I slow down enough to let them soak in.

That is what I've discovered this year, and I'm SO glad that I took the year to figure it all out.

On that note....I have made a decision. One I will write about in a bit once I have a moment to put my thoughts together.

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Jacs said...

Love the new blog name - and the reasons behind it. You certainly seem to have hit your stride, my friend. Enjoy!