August 15, 2012


The summer is winding down and we are ready for the fall to start. It is funny because it feels as though this summer was all about 'us'.  It was a long year at school, full of adventures and changes. It was also a great year for me, as I sorted myself out in a few departments.

I've had a wonderful summer reconnecting with the kids, and as fall approaches, our family dynamic feels as it did a few years ago when we first moved here. That's a good thing because I feel as though we have found what works better for us. 

This will be our 6th year homeschooling, and the transition from summer to September is going so smoothly, that it all sort of crept up on me that we are ready to go!  No stress, no fuss. I just prepared what I knew would work for us, and ordered the books I knew we would love.  Weird. Weird that I'm not stressed about it.  I think taking the year off helped me to solidify our choice.  School was a great experience, and I will miss many aspects of it, including the amazing parents and teachers that I got to know.  I have no regrets and neither do the girls.  Homeschooling is just what is best for us right now.

Will school happen again? Maybe and if it does it will be the right thing for our family at that time. Till then, we are ready to go and back in our happy zone being the weird family on the block ;)

Oh...and my camera broke so no pictures right now.  Apparently a Nikon D40 does not like being dropped 5 feet onto hard wood. 

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