July 21, 2012

Finding My Happy Pace

We re well into summer and it is amazing. I've found my happy pace in life and it is just this. Simple and slow. I get up every morning, have my coffee and do my farm chores in the morning dew.

The rest of our days have been spent just hanging out together. I feel reconnected with the kids and I think they do as well. This year with the kids in school I needed to repair my soul and I believe I was able to do that. Now that I'm better I'm so enjoying being the mom they have been waiting for me to be. My heart and soul are back into them. I've got the mental energy once again to just be still and enjoy a moment.
I'm am so grateful to be able to look around and once again see the beauty in my surroundings. I actually feel as though I did when we first moved here. I see the potential in things once again and not the work. I see the beauty in what is here and not what is run down or broken. I think that applies to the outlook I have on my kids as well.

Here are some recent moments that I was able to take the time to capture....
My little man who had the 'best day ever' because he finally got to run (with his mom) in a 10 minute summer storm.
An hour spent hanging out on round bales, and jumping on the trampoline long after her older brother went to bed and just before the sunset.

Of course, now there is Roxy the wonder dog. I now get the unconditional love thing. She just thinks I'm the best thing since slice cheese and I love that she doesn't know any better.


LaughingLady said...

Wow, your "littles" are getting so BIG!!

Anita said...

That is a great feeling. Great pictures.