June 20, 2012

Our Piggies

This little Piggy went to the Market!!!   Well...the butcher actually, but market sounds so much nicer don't you think?  Now that I think of it, my entire life I thought the little piggy was actually doing to the market. You know...the one where you buy vegetables. Now I get it.

These little two week old piggies are outside eating grass,bugs and soaking up sunshine and fresh air.

And this hilarious piggy???  She has been sitting on DUCK eggs for two weeks trying to hatch them. In case you didn't notice....she is a chicken, not a duck. 
I am so curious to see what will happen.  You see, we no longer have a rooster so we cannot have chicken babies. BUT we DO have a boy and girl duck.  I'm curious to see 1) if the baby ducks will hatch, 2) if they will think this chicken is their mama, and 3) what ping and pong will recognize the new 'chickens' as one of their own.


Anonymous said...

Wish I had some little piggie to go with my eggs this morning.

Cheryl said...

The eggs will hatch but they will take a bit longer than chicken eggs. When my chicken hatched a duck egg she attacked the duckling. My Mom said that she once heard that hens would kill chicks that were deformed so maybe my hen thought she hatched a deformed chick.
Hope that doesn't happen you your little ducklings:)
Good luck!

Jacs said...

I'll never be able to do "This Little Piggy" again. LOL! Can't wait to see Mama Hen and her duckling.