June 10, 2012

That Moment...

That moment when you realize your oldest baby just turned 10.

That moment when you realize how fast the years go by.

That moment when you realize you are watching her turn into a beautiful and amazing young lady.

That moment when you realize she is old enough to drive the lawn tractor and you put her to work :)


LaughingLady said...

I can't WAIT for "that day" because then I won't need to learn to drive our tractor!! Our oldest is also 10, but we have a yard tractor with a PTO-driven 6" pull-behind, deck mower and as much as I hate to admit it, it INTIMIDATES me!!!

::sigh:: I seem to be at that stage of life where learning new things isn't exciting and freeing anymore. It's a hassle, and sometimes a little overwhelming.

But my 10-yr old? She's just ITCHIN' for the day daddy trusts her to mow the lawn!! (might have to wait one more summer...)

Jacs said...

Wow! Ten years old already? Holy cow! I remember when you two came to visit after Jonas was born. She was - they were - so little. She wears her ten years exceptionally well.