May 30, 2012

Growing Season

I've run the marathon I've been training for, and now begins the farm 'marathon'. That would be the summer season of planting, weeding, watering, and growing. So far I've managed to grow more things then I've killed. I would call that success. I've started as many seedlings as I know how, and planted all my seeds in the ground. I've even planted some new trees and fixed up my perennial garden beds. I suppose that is what happens when not homeschooling, and neglecting the inside of the house ;) Here are a few pics of what is growing around here...
My apple trees have blossoms!!! So do my strawberry plants. This year fruit wise I'm hoping to get watermelons. Next year I think pears, grapes and blueberries will get planted.

This is my new garden this year. It has been planted with corn,pumpkin,squash,potatoes, beans and peppers.  If all goes well next year it will get even bigger.

In the far garden we have garlic,onions,peas,carrots,lettuce, cucumbers,squash,brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, basil and tomatoes.

Here is my pig 'garden'.  It is between my new garden, and fenced in one. You can see the hut in the picture above.   I accidentally left the hose running the other day and created a watery mud hole.
Who knew pigs did such a good job at creating 'ponds'.  Actually I read that once and I am pretty positive next year I am going to use them to do just that at another section of the yard.  I think I will get my pond after all!!  The ducks will love it!  As for turning up my garden...They have done that and then some.  Next time I will have way more corn in amongst all the chicken poop and shavings. That way they will be forced to dig through it a little more to create compost.

My new layers have survived and are now out on grass. I've opened up their coop to the rest of the yard so they can begin mingling with the rest of the layers.  I need them together by the time my meat hens are ready to get outside. Mixing two flocks is always a tough time as they do a great job at establishing a pecking order.  By that I mean  some bullying goes on until they figure out who is the boss.

This is what 300 meat chickens and 50 turkeys look like.  They are a day old and need to be kept as warm and dry as possible.  They will be in here for a couple of weeks before I open the door to the grassy yard.  In the meantime they will get fresh grass clippings and lots of love ;) 

My grass in the chicken yard is so long and lush. Just look at all the diverse plants. I think it is too long to mow with a lawn tractor. I think we need a family dairy cow to eat all this luscious goodness. It would save my husband time by mowing the lawn for him, and money by producing dairy products for the entire family...don't you think???? ;)

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