May 19, 2012

Alpaca/llama Shearing

We sheared Henry today. He is half Alpaca, half llama and has not been sheared for 4 years now.  It went MUCH better than we anticipated. 

Adam managed to get him into the corral and then into the cattle shoot.  Then a sheep shearing friend of ours came to clip him for a case of beer.

Just LOOK at all that wool!!!  I  thought it would be completely dirty and matted but the wool underneath was SUPER soft and clean.

He's now a few pounds lighter and so much smaller. lol poor little fella. Actualy he is MUCH happier now that he is free of all that heavy fur.  We managed to get 3 giant garbage bags full.

As soon as we were done he took off into the valley. I'm not sure if the cows are chasing him because they don't recognize him or if they are making fun of him.

Thanks to YouTube I checked out how to wash fleece at home. I'm sure what or who I will get to spin it into yarn but I'm looking forward to making SOMETHING out of it. A cozy blanket would be amazing.

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Cheryl said...

Wow! What a difference. I bet he appreciates the hair cut!