May 19, 2012

Farm Fresh Renewal

For the first time in two years I look around this old farm and can't help but smile. All I see these days are signs of progress, growth and renewal.  It could have something..o.k everything to do with the fact that I am finaly over my post partum depression and severe hormonal imbalances. 

It feels AMAZING to be able to breathe. To be working steadily but seeing results and being able to enjoy this life we have chosen.

Yesterday I walked around and took pictures of just some of the things that are making me smile these days and thought I would share.

I managed to plant a small strawberry patch and it is beginning to grow!!  Around it I planted rubbarb and will be planting melon and watermelon in the next few weeks.

My new layers are growing and ready to get outside onto fresh grass. In a week I will have 300 meat chicks to take care of.

My pigs are happy and busy making mud in next years garden. They are nicer then I thought they were going to be. They make me laugh how they purposely knock over the water bucket to make the mud.   And no they are not covered in poo. They stay away from their poo. The chickens however love scratching through it and eating the fly's.  Such a good relationship.

My garden is coming along. I have yet to plant everything, but so far my garlic, peas and onions have survived.
For the first time in 4 years my lilac bushes are blooming. In fact, everything I planted a few years ago is taking root and blooming. I think that is VERY symbolic of my life right now.

I planted 5 apple trees this year and so far so good. I can't wait for them to grow and bloom.

My front ornamental garden even got a facelift this week.  I'm mulching it will FREE Hay from the farm. It just looks so much neater.

My seedlings are doing O.K. and are being hardened off to go into the garden. I must admit that I'm pretty sure I just killed most of my tomato plants yesterday attempting to transplant them into larger containers.  From now on I'm just going to grow them in one large container. Enough of this transplant nonsense. I feel like I've just wasted time and money trying to garden like the big kids.
Remember my side garden ? Last year my husband had to dig it up to fix the well pipe. I am happy to say that it too is no longer an eye sore.

So yes. I'm once again in my happy place here on the farm. I run my Marathon in a week and I'm supposed to take it easy. That is very hard to do when there is SO much spring stuff to do around here. My days are filled with farm stuff, kids and attempting to put my feet up to prepare for the race. Literally...I come in, lay on my back and put my feet up.  Who needs a workout when you are farming. Seriously.

So that's it. I'm in my happy place, and finding my happy 'pace' in life.



anita said...

Your farm looks lovely. It is fun watching it progress from the blogger window! My tomato plants look like they have died as well. I will probably just buy seedlings again.

Anita said...

Exciting times! Sometimes it takes a couple of years to see the real fruits of your labor! Great job guys!