December 06, 2011

Our Jesse Tree Journey...More Celebrations

I've been searching for the perfect Christmas devotional for a few years. I wanted something that teaches the meaning of Christmas through scripture, tells the stories, is written with children in mind, can be done in under 10 minutes, and MOST of all, sets our hearts and minds on Christ.

For a few years I have read the Christmas story to the kids on Christmas Eve. You know... the one told in all the Church pageants growing up. But I've been wanting more. I've been wanting something that puts together all the old prophecies and explains why Jesus IS THE MESSIAH.

After finding a few good things on line, the last few days I have read two of my friends blogs.  Both Suzin and Tammi have been talking about a Jesse tree and I finally took the time to read their posts about it but also to find the FREE down loadable version on A Holy Experience's blog.


It contains a daily devotion from Nov 29-Dec 25th, with printable ornaments you place on whatever you make as your Jesse tree.  Our Jesse tree this year will be our actual Christmas tree, and since we are starting 7 days late we have a bit of catching up to do, but it will be worth it.

Here is my printed version. The girls helps me cut and past, and the red duo tang in the background holds the days devotions.

And there is our first Jesse tree ornament hanging on our tree. Right next to Dora, because as much as our tree celebrates our life with Christ, it also celebrates our lives and I love that.

Every day we will hang a new ornament from bottom to top, and Christmas day we will be able to sit and look at our tree and see a tree of worship for our Christ the one we have come to celebrate.

The BEST PART????   

This sooo makes me look crafty and I'm soooooo not ;)  lol


Suzin said...

I am glad you like it..... We love it and it is so great having Seamus read the scripture (helping him learn the order of the books of the Bible), as well as creating tons of conversations with regards to some of the lesser told in sunday school, stories...

You put me to shame, having it all in a I am inspired, especially as I am sure we will re-use it year after year.

and could there be anything better than her writing..... and that is if FREE!!!!

off to buy a duotang.....

LaughingLady said...

I am still so delighted with the "all-in-one-ness" factor!! (and the free-ness!) My cousin Tammy actually posted a whole WHACK of Jesse Tree sites, but of all of them, I think I still prefer this one. I sometimes have to shorten Voskamp's sentences though. They're often long, run-on doozies that lose the train of thought, I find. Especially considering the listeners are generally going to be young children.

Overall though, I still really like her book and my girls LOVE the tradition, so we'll be sticking with it!