December 09, 2011

Our Website is Up!!!

I am so excited to announce today that the website for our little farm is Up!!!!!!
My husband and I have been working on a vision and today I feel like we are one step closer to being on our way.
Check us out!!!! We are  Officially Elm Valley Farm.  We will probably tweak things for the next few weeks, but the fact is...we are our there.

Also, as a Christmas present to ourselves ( thanks Dad), we ordered some great books to immerse ourselves in over the winter months.  We ( ahem... I), have a LOT of reading to do.  By the spring I believe I will have read enough to call myself a lunatic farmer.  

And to think that only 10 years ago, I stood on the field with my husband and told him I was never EVER going to live on the farm :)

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alltheprettythings said...

This is amazing... I am so so proud of both of you and the website looks so so great!!!!