December 05, 2011


As I mentioned yesterday,  I LOVE  December!!! I love the party's and get togethers and the fun.  I also LOVE the chance to get together with friends, and laugh until our cheeks hurt.  Once a year I try to host a dinner party to celebrate life with my friends.  Although hosting a dinner party takes planning, it is so much fun for me. Secretly it is selfish as I LOVE to set a fun dinner table! Perhaps it is the years I spent watching my parents entertain, but seeing a well set table give me goose bumps.  I will confess that when I was little I used to sneak into the dinning room all the time and look at all the fancy stuff in the teak unit. I never really thought about it until now, but maybe entertaining makes me feel closer to the times when my parents were together?? I think it reminds me of fun, family and friendship, something my childhood was filled with. It makes me happy that it is now my turn, and perhaps the kid in me gets a little excited knowing that all this fancy stuff is now mine!!

Anyway, I realized last night that I really should do it more often.   It is cheaper than a restaurant, more intimate, and we can be as boisterous as we wish!
I love my friends.  As an adult I have amazing friends in my life that I can celebrate and set a fancy table for. I am so grateful that I have the 'adult' life that I always wanted. Some of my friends I've known almost my entire life. 
I can't have everyone I know in my dining room at once so I can raise a glass and toast them...
So this is my way of saying thank you to all my dear friends that I see seldom see, or see often, and to those whom I've known forever, and to those I've just met. 

ALL of you who are in my life know who you are and I just wanted to say thanks for being my friend.  Although I can't have all of you at my dinner table, you are all cherished and loved by me. I appreciate that you know who I am and yet accept me anyway, and I recognized how lucky I am to have so many people in my life....and if you EVER want to come for dinner just give me a few days notice so I can set a fancy table o.k??? lol 

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Dad said...

Ya, Christmas season was always fun. I'll be there in spirit