December 03, 2011

Our Guiding Light

I absolutely love the month of December. I love the lights, the extra snowy fun (when we have snow), the parades, the cookies, the music. I love that we have an entire month to celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, and I love all the tradition we are creating within our tiny family unit.
Although we love to get caught up in the fun, in our home our focus is on Christ. It is a wonderful opportunity to dig deeper with God. To teach our children the meaning of Christmas.  To practically live out our faith and to live out loud a little more. 
Yes December is fun for a lot of reasons but for me it is best because I get to be who I am just a little bit more, or at least have a little more freedom to do so. In our house we are not focusing on Santa Claus. Our focus in on Christ and discovering once again why he is the Messiah. Why he fulfilled the prophecies. Why we believe what we do. 
This Christmas season, why don't you look deeper into why you do what YOU do and what is the guiding light in YOUR life.

Now...I have a birthday party to plan!!!