November 28, 2011

What you have missed...

Being done all my Christmas shopping, having nothing else to look up on the computer and there being nothing of interest to watch on TV while my husband works nights has freed up a little more time for me to upload a couple of pictures.

Doing so I just realized how MANY many..many pictures I have taken since Audrey's second birthday, and all the events and life that has happened that I have not shared with you!  It is interesting the amount of pictures taken with a blog in mind, but I supposed I just never got around to sharing my thought with you.
So here is a few pictures taken over the past few months that are blog worthy but a picture and short blip about them will do. 

This is also for my Dad who is now in Texas (by his own choosing if I may add), and so will not see the grand babies until the spring.

So here you go...

                                Audrey and Lara....Could they look more alike? kind of creepy.

                                                              See? I really do exist. Hi there!

                                                        Audrey wanted to say 'Halo'

                 Erin reading to the babies while pretend to be doing something important. like take pictures.

Our first and only snow fall of the season. Have I mentioned that it was 15C today? and that my driveway is now a mud pit? Of course not...I haven't been blogging.  Well it is, you will just have to trust me.

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE watching the kids wait for the bus? no not because they will be leaving for the day.  I just love watching them hang out together.
                                     Oh !  and while I was gone my other baby girl turned 7, and I just realized now that we completely forgot to write that thank you card to her Aunt Andrea for picking out her dress.  Shoot. Well thank you Andrea...she loved it ;)

Ah yes. This is my cake pop disaster. I would tell you that it was a piece of cake and I'm the best baker ever but both of those would be a lie.  Seriously though, why can't my baking projects EVER turn out like the picture!!!!!!  like just this once???

Ah yes. The trench. I completely forgot about that. Well forgot to blog about it. Who can forget about a 10foot deep trench stretching across the entire driveway and that it rained for 4 days after my husband had to dig it, and that it is the reason why my driveway is a mud pit since it is 14 degrees outside!  I can't forget I tell you.
I DO love watching my husband get all dirty doing man's work. I DO love watching from the sidelines because I 'have' to 'watch the babies'

Oh...Can't forget to mention the wagon rides and family time!!!  And Halloween!!! Hello!!

Last but not least my chickens and ducks. That big white rooster we kept from our meat hens. He is big and really mean, but he will make us little meat hen babies...and then we will eat him. (insert evil laughter).  That white duck to his right is ping.  She is laying eggs now and in the spring will give us cute little duck babies. I'm not sure what I will do when my husband tells that they too may not stay. :(

o.k that is it for now. ttyl


Andrea said...

so pretty. I LOVE that dress!!!!

Dad said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Made my morning.