November 27, 2011

The Plates are Still Spinning...

I know what you are thinking. Why have I stopped blogging?

I would like to come up with something profound and inspiring to say but the words are just not there.  I would say that I have nothing to blog about but that is not the truth. Life has changed since I put the three older babies in school this year.  I am getting things accomplished and spending a little time searching within myself and looking up to God for guidance on a few things.  I think I've just become a little more introspective lately and have not felt like sharing my inner dialogue with everyone. 

As for an update, school is going well. It is not without its challenges but as I knew before, it was the right decision for our family this year. 
My husband and I have been focusing on the every day, not worrying about making big plans for the future. Instead we are trying to be the best stewards with what we are given today, and resting knowing that God is in control of the future.
In fact, hopefully by the end of this week I will be able to present to you our new farm website. It is just a small part of what the future holds for us.
As for me, I'm doing O.K. The first few months of school were a little rough emotionally.  I do enjoy having more time to plan and execute the household duties. In fact I believe this is the first year I've been prepared for the winter weather and the Christmas season. There is a peace knowing that I have more time to breathe.

The little ones are growing too fast and some days I feel as though I am watching it all happen without participating in the joys of life. I'm working on enjoying the moments I have...which I think is also why I have been spending MUCH less time on the computer to write down my thoughts.

So for now, know that I am still here and that I'm doing as well as can be expected.  So far this year the plates are still spinning and that is as much as I will expect. 


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