May 22, 2011

Victoria Day Happiness

Happy May 2/4 Weekend Canada! For you Americans, it is Victoria Day weekend around here. For those of you that don't know, we call May 2/4 because it sometimes falls on the 24th of May and a LOT of beer is consumed. And our beer comes in cases of 24. Hence the 2-4. Get it? Eh?
Are there even any Americans reading my blog? Besides Carey?? Hi Carey ;).....Can anyone tell I've consumed WAY too much coffee this morning?

I digress....

Yesterday was the first day in what feels like FOREVER,that the sun came out. If there is ANY weekend to see the sun it is THIS one. There are gardens to be planted, garage sales to peruse, bonfires to be had, and beer to consume. VERY IMPORTANT business if I do say so.

I seriously don't think yesterday could have gone any better. My garden was planted, Grandma took the kids to the fair and then the girls played ALL day with the neighbors. the lawn was cut, I got a new whipper snipper, I got to lounge outside in the sun, and play with the little ones. To top it off, we ended the day with a neighborhood bonfire. I just loved watching the kids all play hide and go seek in the hay field. I was reminded of my own childhood playing kick the can with ALL the neighborhood kids.

It was a good day, and today promises to be just as good. I am so grateful for days like this. It will make getting through another week of rain a little easier.


AnnG said...

I'm American!! I read!! sounds like you had a great weekend....I laid around and did mundane tasks all weekend and listened/watched it rain!! Peaceful and somewhat productive!!

Carey said...

Hi Alyson!
Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! We had a nice one too! Finally nice weather! My daughter and I spent Friday in Toronto for an orchestra competition then we were off to Canadas Wonderland! Had an awesome time! Spent time at the park with my son, and grocery shopped yesterday. Loving this nice weather, now if only it would stop raining so much!
I hope youre having an awesome day today as well!