May 23, 2011

May Day

May has FINALLY arrived on the farm. April showers turned into a wet and soggy May, but alas! We have warm weather and 'funshine'!!

Bring out the freezies!!

and Lilacs!! and Construction projects!!

And hours of sandbox play and tire swinging!

We will just ignore the daily thundershower

and take pictures of cute baby calves

And sell tomatoes on the side of the road

and then sit in my sun porch with the blooming flowers as the kids play for hours on end with the neighbors

We can ignore the plants in my 'garden' as they once again prove to me that I don't know a thing about transplanting perennials. Seriously...will someone not save me from myself? I'm sure there are rules about planting things in clumps.

Ah yes. What May Day would be complete without soccer gear that is cleaned and ready to go.
(please insert extreme sarcasm).... Oh soccer, how I've missed you!

1 comment:

Carey said...

Id love to be your neighbor. I hope you had a wonderful day!