May 21, 2011

Our life. It is simple and weird.

My husband...The cow whisperer. At the end of the day everyone just wants to be loved.

My big girl is MUCH braver than I am or will ever be.

This is Henry the llama. We are trying to sell him to a loving family who will shear the poor fella. I'm pretty sure he is the only one around here loving the rain. I bet he won't love it so much when the sun comes out and the humidity takes over. I also bet that he is actually a skinny dude under all that fur. I bet he will look mighty funny after he is shaved. That's our house in the background.

The below picture makes me laugh. I'm not sure what Peyton was prepared for but he is ready! Who am I to tell him that if one of the heifers decides to knock him down that helmet won't stand a chance. Ignorance is bliss right? ah he...he ah he... (that's nervous laughter if you didn't catch it).

Going for a family walk in the country and not suburbia there is one difference. Instead of looking in the neighbors windows wondering what they are up to and how they decorate, we check cattle.

At the end of the day we are just a regular family living next to bovine.

Since we are on the subject of cattle....Cows eat grass and need space to roam around. When they do this they are happy. They are also healthy and healthier for you. Did you know that a cow grazing on grass only has a higher content of Omega 3's?? Did you know that cattle are NOT MEANT TO EAT CORN? 'Grain fed' means corn by the way (most of the time) Did you know that if cows are fed grass only there is NO ECOLI RISK???? Did you know that most cattle are jammed into feed lots and fed corn to fatten them up before processing? Did you know that then and only then do things go very very wrong?

My point..... Eat grass fed beef directly from a farmer. We are out there. Just take a 10 minute drive into the country. And yes our beef is inspected. My goodness...we don't 'process' them on our front lawn!!!!

Hands down the BEST MOVIE/DOCUMENTARY to watch, be entertained and informed is FOOD INC. It will change your life and the way you look at your food forever.

UPDATE: To be more specific, MOST if not ALL large FEEDLOTS in the USA finish beef cattle on CORN. As does ONTARIO. Alberta Canada finishes their beef with BARLEY.


Anonymous said...

Their only fed corn if you live in a corn growing area.

AnnG said...

I love the pictures...