May 18, 2011

Vegetable Garden 2011

I am SO happy to present to you my Vegetable Garden of 2011. It has been 3 seasons of blood, sweat and A LOT of tears ;) To get it this way.

In 3 years I have learned:

1)Plant in rows and mark them so you can tell what is a vegetable plant and what is a weed;

2)If you watch the weeds grow they won't go away. In fact they may grow taller than you and will grow in such abundance that you walk away and cry;

3)Weed in the morning to avoid black flies mosquitoes and a LOT of sweating;

4) Weeds grow all season long;

5) If you don't kill all the weeds SURROUNDING your garden, those weeds will seed and those seeds will blow into your garden;

6) Weeds grow between wood chips and when the wood chips breakdown they take nitrogen FROM the garden;

7) Old manure is GREAT for the garden. Just remember there are seeds in the manure and you may grow corn and grass is you don't WEED it;

8) Fresh chicken manure kills the plants AND chickens LOVE vegetables;

9) If you build it..They will come. And come I mean spiders, bugs,birds, snakes, skunks and raccoons.

10) Certain plants to NOT like to be grown next to each other. Others love each other and will help keep certain pests off each other. ( This one I will do this year. Very very cool and I'll post about it later)

11) Patience is important. Veggies take time and a little TLC. But it is SOOOO WORTH IT!!

Ta Da!!!! This is what my weed free (for now) garden looks like 3 years later.

The soil is so rich and soft

The BEST part is that THIS YEAR The girls have been more than willing to help me plant it. I have help! yay for help!

O.K so maybe my help has com in the form of THIS BEAUTY. It is not quite as Anne of Green Gables or environmental but who cares...I'll take all the help I can get a this point ;)

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Anita said...

The garden looks great Alyson.. mine on the other hand.. not soo much! Still need to weed & till it.. *sigh*

But yay for the McNish garden!