May 17, 2011

I'm a Cow Girl

Oddly enough this is the EXACT spot I stood 10 years ago as I told my husband I would never ever move to the farm.

Then I was in a wedding dress. And now? What can I say. It was practical for what I was about to do.

You see, this is me inching my way under the electric fence that keeps the cattle from standing on the road in front of your car.

This is me leaving all four kids in a field (one with a camera), as I make my way into cow valley to help my husband wrangle a newborn calf sleeping in the tree line. Have I mentioned yet how TERRIFIED I am to be next to any animal larger than myself?

And this is us returning from weighing, tagging and banding a 90pound newborn calf. O.K my husband did all that while I feebly attempted to pin down the little fella. Still I think this qualifies me as official farmer/cowgirl/crazy lady ;)

Shockingly my children survived being left alone. You would be surprised at all the horror that awaits a child in the middle of a hay field.


RoryBore said...

good job! but you haven't really been initiated into farmer's life until you have to ride out on horseback, in the middle of the night, searching for the 1st newborn twin that mama abandoned; OR chase the cows OUT of the cornfield because they got through the electric fence, somehow. LOL those are some memories to bond a family together. I can remember sitting terrified in grandpa's truck in the middle of a corn field, in the middle of the night, until one cow suddenly filled the windshield view. Then I had to laugh at the stupid thing just standing there, munching away, completely unfazed by the all the chaos she'd created.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Hunny. The first one is always a little awkward. I'm sure you will have the chance to do some cow chasing sooner or latter. But hopefully not.

Your Husband

Kirsten said...

This is an AWESOME post. I'm so behind in the blogosphere. But so glad I caught this. You are amazing- a bigger and crazier person than I'm sure even you could have imagined. YOu totally rock, Scum. Can't wait to see you, and squeeze you and wish you well on your big race. xoxoxoxox