May 16, 2011

Time Well Spent

We did not get much 'school' done this week. It does not bother me one bit for a few reasons.

1) The girls are almost finish their curriculum for the year and so we can afford to take a week off.

2) I believe wholeheartedly that learning does not need to happen in a textbook. In fact I could argue that it works even BETTER when combined with a practical activity. I love that homeschooling offers us those opportunities. If I had it my way ALL schools would be 'environmental schools'. How exciting would it be to go to school every day and get the opportunity to see knowledge at work! How empowering and rewarding that would be. Anyway...moving on.

3) The kids were able to help with the garden, a play structure, and time was spent with loved ones this week.

It is raining today and will most likely continue to rain for a few days. I am SO glad we took a week off to do other things and take full advantage of the late spring sunshine. It was a reminder that there WILL be time to get it all done. It just can't all get done at the same time. Nor should I ever try.

Our homeschooling journey is about to end for a while. Although I am confident in my decision to take a break, these are the days I am grateful that we chose the life we did. I like that we can do what we want and when we want. I am also grateful for the reminders that we are all doing o.k.

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Andrea said...

I know the kids will be going to school, but you say your homeschooling journey is ending for awhile...will you go back to it?!
That was nice of Grandpa to build that for your kids. Something they can have to think of him.