May 24, 2011


This house was built in the 1860's for one of the original 5 brothers that came over from Scotland. The other homestead is 400meters down the road.

This picture was taken in 1924. The little girl standing on the wagon is my husbands Great Aunt. The little fella sitting on the wagon is her cousin who lived in this house and raised his family here.

This is us in 2008. Notice difference in the trees, cedar trees and hydrangea. The sunporch is the same minus the roof terrace,but it leaks like crazy.The backside of the house is changed. I'm pretty sure the first picture is showing the entrance to the root cellar that is no longer. Now there is a deck there and so that is why you can see the 'garage/summer kitchen' in the background.

This is our home now in 2011. Two of the giant Maple trees are hollow and the cedars need to be trimmed. That old garage will also come down at some point and we will do a wrap around porch. Of course the sun porch is brand new and usable

It is really cool to live in a home inhabited by 7 generations of my husbands family. Some things have changed but the solid foundation on which this home was built is standing strong. It is a reminder that what we do today makes a huge impact on the generations to follow. The choices we make really do determine how the next generation lives. I love being a part of it. O.K and I also love that if I close my eyes I can picture how they lived..Anne of Green Gables style, because the remnants of it are right at my doorstep.


RoryBore said...

Love the new look....of the blog that is. although I have been long coveting your sun porch too :)

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