March 05, 2011

24Hr Kid Free StayCation

We dropped all four kids off at Grandma's for 24 hrs. I have to laugh because I'm not really sure what to do with myself. Being a homeschooling mom and having my husband work shifts, I am used to being surrounded by people ALL the time. Most importantly people that make messes and need attention.

So what to do with ourselves? O.K besides the Obvious ;)

I have to laugh because the FIRST thing I REALLY wanted to do was clean the house. I wanted to clean it and have it stay clean and tidy the entire 24hrs! I don't think I've been that excited about housework in a long time! I mean seriously....the bathrooms are sparkling, the floor is vacuumed and EVERYTHING IS IN ITS PLACE! As I type this I even have CANDLES on the end beside the couch!!

I can hardly contain myself I'm so giddy. I know it is weird but when you spend the majority of your life with little people walking behind you undoing all your effort this is a treat!!

So once the house was cleaned Adam and I decided to head in to town for a coffee date and some errands. Who knew that when you have no children in tow and no reason to head back home you could spend 5 hrs wandering the city and taking your time doing nothing?
Oh that's right we did...10 years ago when we were dating.

Obviously we are home now and have a few hours before our dinner guests arrive. Now what? The house looks the same as when we left and I don't NEED to DO ANYTHING. Well isn't this nice! I don't have a spare moment...I have a spare few hours ;) yipee!!!!!!!

What is weird is that someday IF all four kids were in school and my husband was off during the week this would be NORMAL! Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm......


B said...

I love school days when I'm home during the week.

alltheprettythings said...

I just had a kid-free day for about 6 hours yesterday while Gary took Mahone with him and Seamus to Peterborough for Seamus' hockey... I did the same-quick clean through, lit candles, made lunch, literally sat down for a full hour without getting up to get anyone anything....It was bliss... and that was for 6 hours... oh dear, cannot even imagine 24 hours...the only thing with that is that I would feel the need to be accomplished-I mean think of how much you can do without the children around-sometimes though what we need is rest... glad that you guys are enjoying your time

RoryBore said...

Forgive me Lord, for I have coveted in my heart!! LOL. A whole day to myself.....can't imagine. Bless you for cleaning though....I'd probably do the same and would have felt like a freak. I'd also be afraid to light all my pretty candles for all the dust on them! So glad for you that you got this time! Enjoy!

Sara said...

I had 3 kid-free & husband-free hours yesterday and I didn't clean a thing. I forced myself to do nothing expect relax (b/c that's what Dylan would have done if he'd been given the same opportunity). I caught up on some shows that I love but always miss and I baked a yummy batch of muffins. It was heaven and I was rejuvenated when they returned.