February 27, 2011

More Natural products for You

I've made some discoveries and changes that I've yet to tell you about. As always the motivation for my changes are 1) To save money, 2) To limit the amount of chemicals in/on my body 3) To help the environment by not buying factory made chemical things and 4) To help reduce waste

As always some of you will think I've lost my mind. Before you comment say to yourself 2 things. What did they do before there were chemical factories and What does the rural part of most of the world still do?

So here you are: I've eliminated Shampoo (The Net calls it Going Poo Free), Face cleanser and astringent, body wash, scrubs, and MOISTURIZER!

For Shampoo you can look it up on You Tube (Going Poo Free). I use the two big bottles at the back. One has baking soda and water in it. The other contains apple cider vinegar and water. These I use in my hair and my nether regions.

The square container contains olive oil and salt. I use this as a body scrub. It feels amazing.

The two smaller bottles contain apple cider vinegar and water in one ( I use this as a facial cleanser and zit prevention) and the other Olive oil. This I use twice a day every day on my face.

I have to admit that I was PETRIFIED to use oil on my face. I get breakouts and was positive I would have oily disgusting skin. NOT THE CASE AT ALL.

In fact...since using olive oil on my skin I have seen an improvement in my pores and skin tone. In the 3 months I've been doing this I seem to only break out right before my period.

Keep in mind I have never invested in extremely expensive cleansers and can only compare my skin to what it was before when I was using Dove soap bar on my face. But whatever....it is cheap and seems to be working and I love the fact that it is healthy. Apparently Olive Oil is the European 'secret' but I don't know if that is true or not. I know that cosmetic company's can't market or patent olive oil so why would they promote it?

I was skeptical about it all until I took the plunge and tried it. I'm glad I did.Feel free to look into it if you like.

I find my hair gets dry going completely poo free. I also find that I like to do conditioner instead of the recommended olive oil treatment once a week. I did find this all natural shampoo bar sold by a local company via Wendy's Mobile Market. It seems to work well so far and claims to be conditioning, but I have yet to go conditioner free.

Hope you enjoyed the post. If you want more detail just look it up yourself! There is a TON of information out there.
My next step: Finding DISH soap alternatives and Switching to Natural Soap for my Laundry. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

SouleMama has this laundry soap recipe on her site that she makes herself:


I haven't tried it so can't say whether it is good or not.


Country Wife said...

Good for you! I've been trying to eliminate all this "beauty loot" we are told we must have from my shower stall too. No more scrubs, lotions, shaving creams, etc. Love the olive oil and salt idea for body scrub! I have used milk, honey and crushed walnuts before. Apricot is also good for everyday-- its like an astringent - same with pineapple; but only at most a few times per week. Good old fashioned clay is a great weekly mask for removing dirt/oils. I have always used aloe vera...right from the plant...as a moisturizer, and tea tree oil for "spots". Both are also great for any cuts, etc.
But I haven't tried going "poo" free yet. The hair is the last "crown of glory" for me as a woman, but perhaps it is time to take that plunge too.
As for dishes and laundry, we are currently using products by Green Works, but I am not sure about them. there's a lingering smell with the dishwashing liquid, and I am thinking that can't be good.

Alicia said...

Good for you! I havem't made the lpunge in the beauty products yet, but am going to buy an all natural shampoo once the current bottle is out. For household cleaner I use Nature Clean.

What about soap nuts for your laundry?

Anonymous said...

You should check out the Duggar's site - you know from "19 kids & Counting"....they make their own laundry soap

Sara said...

Nature Clean makes an all purpose cleaning lotion that I use for cleaning my bathrooms but can also be used as dish soap & laundry detergent as well as a produce wash.


I recently bought the new line of products for kids by Nature Clean that feature the Backyardigan characters. I love that they're 99.5% natural and that they still work.


Mountain Blessings said...

Hi Alyson, I really enjoyed your blog. At the end you asked for comments on making your own laundry and dishwashing soap. I have made my own soap for awhile now and the cost savings is wonderful. I don't have my recipes posted on my blog but I read a blog daily that I love and didn't see it listed on your blog. The recipe is identical to the ones I use. Go To http://chickensintheroad.com/ it is a very active blog and has tons of great and fun info. Suzanne McMinn is the owner and she writes and will entertain you with all sorts of things. There is also a forum that is very helpful. You will probably get addicted, I did! Blessings, Marla