February 23, 2011

When it Works It Really Really Works

I love the great homeschooling days. Yesterday we had one of those. The girls worked well on their assigned school work and ended up doing 'extra' stuff on their own. Peyton decided he wants to do 'school' with them. He is only 3.5yrs so I have yet to do anything formal with him.

He does however know his numbers from 1-10, can count to 20 and knows most of his alphabet just by regular living and playing. Today he spent a good half hour playing with a retro toy my mom saved from my childhood. It is PERFECT for him.
Audrey also manage to occupy herself for a while (which is a challenge when I'm trying to teach the older girls). Here is a shot of all four of them. Audrey is playing playdoh...she has FINALLY stopped eating it ;)

So yes. Yesterday was a good day. We even managed to get all our chores done AND the sun was out!
It is 9am right now and I'm typing this while still in my jammies so I'm guessing that today won't go quite as well but who cares... I have yesterday ;)

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