February 20, 2011

TV Via Internet...Sort OF

There are a lot of things about this changing modern world I'm not into. I think there is a point where you can be 'connected' too much. Too much noise in the ear all the time, too much stimulation from an electronic screen.

That being said I'm SUPER happy that I can now watch TV on the Internet. One income, four kids and trying to become debt free (minus mortgage) by 2012 means that we need to be creative with our money.

First we dropped down to the basic Satellite package bringing our bill with taxes to just under 50$. Then we got rid of it all together and bought an 80$ Digital Antennae, reducing our bill to 0$ a month. With this we managed to get PBS, Global, CBC, ABC and a few others. I could still watch the big shows and the kids still had cartoons and some amazing PBS specials so I did not mind it at all.
Then something happened on our rooftop this winter to our antennae that we have yet to climb up and figure out.

We had been watching movies on the DVD, borrowing from the library until a little boy of 3 broke BOTH DVD players.

So now what?

We then discovered some free sites on the Internet that streamed ABC,CBS and NBC....Then the US Government Shut them down ;)

THEN I decided to check out these stations online and discovered you can watch the shows on their website! Unless you live in Canada :(

So THEN I checked out the Canadian channels and discovered YES! WE CAN WATCH TV!


Between CBC,Global,City TV,TVO, and PBS We now have TV again.

Until...My computer freezes 20minutes before the end of The Bachelor and forces me to watch it from the start all over again.

Then I go pick up a Book ;)


lookingattheprettythings.blogspot.com said...

I am inspired to look into this...one income, two kids without a prayer of being debt free, nonetheless, might be a solution for us. We are trying to reduce the percentage of the income we live on, so looking for ideas...thanks for this one..


Sara said...

You should also consider getting magic jack to eliminate your phone bill. We had to get it because the cost to run a phone line into our property would have been phenominal....for 50 bucks for the unit, I now have a free phone that includes free long distance in Can, free identacall, free vm, free call waiting.