February 24, 2011

Want to Come for Supper?

I LOVE it when I can make the small changes to my house that I've been wanting for a while. Living here for over 3 years I know what I want to do. Nothing big. Just small changes that will make this house work for our large family. O.K finishing the attic is kind of a BIG change, and I suppose tearing down the old garage and building a new one is also a large task. But other than those, most of the changes I want to make are relatively small and cheap.

This is what you now see when you walk into our kitchen....

This week we removed the bar stools and counter top that when along the island. As fun as it was to see all 3 big kids sit at the counter every morning, with the stools AND a kitchen table, there was just no room to move around. I was constantly tripping over the NINE chairs in this little space, when we sat as a family at our little table we were SQUISHED, and I just NEVER sat at my own kitchen table.
We removed the counter with relative ease and were VERY PLEASED to find the wall at the end not completely torn up. We found the perfect harvest table for 50$, and the chairs were all FREE!
We are planning on wallpapering that big brown wall with fake wainscoting and painting it white. I think it will just tie everything in a little better.

The kids were a little miffed at us for taking away their bar stools so we let them each pick their own colour for and have their very own chair.
Simple...Cheap and everyone is happier. I have to admit that I LOVE sitting at my own kitchen table now, and when we have friends over for supper we now have a kids table AND and adult table!
Want to come over for supper??


Suzin said...

love it, love it, love it.. love the chairs.. great idea at picking their own color.. and yes, the painted white wainscoting will be fantastic....

Can't wait to come for supper

Country Wife said...

Love it too! I don't even have an island....just a somewhat big eat in kitchen. Since we cannot afford 6 chairs all the same -- I too have been looking for cheap/free chairs - and the kids can pick what color to paint them. Eclectic is nice! The Big dream is to build an addition where our back/side deck is, and convert my upper living room into the dining room. (already did one major renovation where the pre-existing dining room became the 3rd bedroom, and the kitchen was relocated to other side of house!). so yes, small changes - good! What's for dinner?

Carey said...

Looks great! Makes the space look so much bigger too! Would love to come for dinner sometime! :)