February 25, 2011

Family Fun Day

Cheap Free and Easy things make me happy....I'm noticing a theme in my blog lately ;)
We escaped to Winterlude 2011 in Ottawa the other day. I think I've mentioned before that just the IDEA of taking all four kids anywhere 'special' makes me tired.. But I love my family and so every once in a while (and with my husbands help), I will do it for them.
It was great. I prepared in advanced and expected to hear I'm hungry,I'm tired, I have to pee, I'm cold and are we there yet a MILLION times. I also packed a HUGE lunch WITH water and wet wipes....so I was prepared. I also drank enough coffee to keep me warm and happy for a few hours anyway ;)
I digress...It was fun. It was free. It was sunny.
....And watching Lara try downhill skiing for the first time was worth all the effort. I have such fond memories of skiing with my family and watching Lara experience it was great.
I'm glad I went and did not give myself a chance to 'Be Tired'

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