January 04, 2011

The Not so Nice

Sometimes I love it out here living on a 150 year old homestead. I love the nostalgia,the romance, the animals, fresh air and silence.

Other days (like when the weather turns unseasonably warm to 8C in January and melts all the snow), I look around and become quite overwhelmed at the projects we have taken on.

You see there is a TON of work that needs to be done around here to make it the 'green acres' of our dreams. The problem is that we have not only old buildings to deal with but DECADES of junk/garbage lying EVERYWHERE.

My husband works full time elsewhere and we have 4 small children. There is only enough time in a day and so doing all the 'extra' farm work gets done when we can.

I was REALLY loving the winter break. Farmers like winter. It means rest from outside chores. In the winter I'm allowed to let the chicken poop build up in the coop because it freezes and when you add shavings on top it acts as insulation. So you can imagine my DISMAY when the weather turned warm on me last week and the FOOT OF POOP in the coop THAWED.

I could not leave it as the bugs and disease would grow. It was honestly the last thing on my to do list and I admit to being a little cranky at how much I have on my plate.

The above is a picture of the coop now. My amazing husband cleaned it out for me and it is fresh again. I was going to take a before picture but forgot. Just picture the floor a foot from the ground ;)

This however is what the rest of the yard looked like after the thaw. Muddy. Sludgy and yucky and it revealed all the stuff I didn't do in the fall and all I have yet to do in the spring. Looking at it all made me want to move to the suburbs or buy a home already fixed up.

Gardens and weeds that need tending......

Miscellaneous piles of wood that need to go anywhere but right there.

crooked fences and sloppy poopy yards.......

A fence that will actually contain 60 tulip eating chickens in the spring....

And four dozen eggs a day that I need to wash one by one. This is what happens when I skip a day of collection.....I LOVE having fresh eggs but I'm not one for doing something ALL the time. But there is just no break....no break at all.
Get rid of some chickens you say? That is another problem. I have yet to graduate to killing chickens. I just can't do it. I'm well aware I'm running the geriatric ward to poultry and I'm suffering the consequences but I'm not sure I'm ready for the alternative.

O.K I'm done whining. The snow is back and today I look out the window and see this!!!!!!

I'm happy again. And no I'm not letting the cat inside.

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betty said...

love your pictures