January 09, 2011

It's not really ALL about me and that's O.K

Really? Only 19 Days until our Vacation? I am soooooooo excited! What a way to start off our 10th year together. We have sacrificed. We have penny pinched. We have shopped for the perfect bikini and have been doing stomach crunches for a few weeks O.K ME...not Adam ;)

This trip came at a GREAT time. It is winter here in Canada and the sun only makes an appearance once a week or so. I tend to get pretty depressed at this time so focusing on this trip has been a great distraction.

I'm also starting to train for my first half marathon. I can run yes, but far no, and at this point I'm quite out of shape. Forcing myself to do sit ups and stretch for this cruise is helping my running more than anything. I've also changed my diet Dramatically, cutting out caffeine and adding A LOT of essential fatty acids and nutrients. I'm noticing changes in my skin and my moods as well.

So other than starting off the year with the stomach flu this is proving to be a good year so far.

It is the year of the selfish, and the more I think about the fact that this fall I could have THREE out of FOUR of my kids in school makes me rethink my life a little and why I do what I do ;)

Calling this the year of the selfish is not quite true. More like the year where I am not going to forget about 'me' in all of this chaos we call life. In reality my life is about God and 5 other people and there is nothing wrong with that. After all...I AM a wife and mother to 4 little people and it is a joy to be there for them and to be what they need me to be. Remembering to take care of myself will just help me to be what they need and give them what they need with a willing heart.


Kirsten said...

You know when they give you the speech on the airplane and tell you that you have to put your mask on first in the event of an emergency? Yeah. THAT is 2011, baby. :)

Dad said...

You lose anymore weight and all you will need is three band-aids for a bikini.