January 24, 2011

Cold but Grateful

It is FREEZING here!! Like -24C freezing!!! That would not be so bad if our Outdoor Wood burning furnace didn't break two weeks ago. It also would not be so bad if the cost of heating our home with Oil wasn't 800$ a month.

As much as I am cranky about the 800$/month oil bill I can't help but be VERY grateful for heat.

This house is 150 years old and so it is not hard to imagine what the pioneers in 1860 did in this cold. I picture the outhouses, the chamber pots frozen with pee in the morning, the children gathered around the wood stove in the kitchen, the hot bricks placed in beds and by feet in horse drawn sleighs. Sounds kind of romantic until you picture heading to church in -30C temperatures!!

Maybe they just did not venture out in this cold. And the babies!!! My children are sleeping with 3 layers of pj's and us with 2 duvet covers. I can only imagine how many layers those babies were bundled in.
Seriously gives new meaning to mama in her kerchief and I in my cap....BRRRRRRRR. No wonder they had so many babies back then. I wouldn't want to get out of bed either!!! ;)

So my next thought is present day and just how spoiled we have all become. We have heated houses,heated cars and heated basements. I don't know of many people who wear 'long johns' anymore. When I stop for gas and stand there with all the other freezing people I can't help but realize just how inappropriately dressed we all are for the weather. (Don't even get me started on the teenagers).

When it is this cold we should ALL be wearing long johns, hats, mitts, scarves, toques,balaclavas, mukluks,parkas.....ski goggles.

I'm not sure my point anymore but now my thought have moved to Anne of Green Gables.

No really....I'm not sure why I brought all of this up. Oh yes...I'm freezing.

So when you complain about the weather and how much it is costing you to wear your t-shirt in your home picture the pioneers who founded this great white North of ours. And be grateful....very very grateful that you don't have to thaw your frozen pee by the wood stove in the morning.

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Country Wife said...

Funny....I was thinking a long the same thoughts today. I grew up on a farm and I can still vividly recall what it was like mucking out frozen horse stalls in the winter. Or breaking a hole in the top of the water trough. Throwing 20 bales of hay down from the loft at 6 am, and all the cats winding around your feet. All these thoughts while my kids are complaining about going out to wait for the bus. Well, into long johns they went....and me too. Then I took my 2 younger girls to the community centre....via sled! (mind you it's under a 10 minute walk from our home...I wouldn't have them out too long.) Even though it was absolutely frigid, it felt good to get the fresh air. And then I felt we all deserved the afternoon by the fire. LOL