January 21, 2011

A Great Day...

For me a great day is pretty simple. It is when the sun is shining, the kids are listening and I get to sit back and watch them just be kids.

Today was a REALLY great day. Not only did I catch them in moments of cooperation and patience, I also got to wallpaper my hallway!! The pictures for that will come later.

Here are a few pictures I did manage to capture. They bring a smile to my face for several reasons....

Here is both Erin (above) playing trains with her little brother because that is what HE wanted to do. And below is Lara being quite patient with Audrey at the art table.

This is Erin WILLINGLY and Joyfully cleaning the eggs for me. Enough said. She is also sporting a new haircut THANKS TO LARA. I won't let that bother me as it is only hair ;)

Lara carting Audrey around EVERYWHERE. Take a peek at Audrey's slippers. They are made from an old wool sweater. Not by me but by some lovely lady from Etsy.com. I love Etsy!!

Here is a little boy prouder than punch that he not only dressed himself today but completed a puzzle without help. He wanted to make SURE I took the picture of the puzzle.

Again...Big sister being VERY patient with baby sister who wants to do everything with her ;)

Lara again...carting Audrey everywhere. What would I do without her? I suppose hold Audrey myself and not get anything important done....like taking pictures.
Babywearing...Not just for mom's

I'm noticing a theme here...Big sister entertaining baby sister. To be fair I actually set up the rainbow silk and was playing with Audrey first....so there ;)

So yes....A great day.

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AnnG said...

this is what homeschooling is all about!! FAMILY!! Love the pics!