December 04, 2010

Worlds Collide

Where did the last few days go?
Tree is up,
Holiday parties are here,
Christmas cards are being addressed,
Presents ordered are slowly arriving,
School is being pushed aside.

Yup...It's December and I love it!!

I was at a house yesterday that has made me a little sad today. My choice to be sad. My choice to hold a little attitude. This house was EXACTLY how I want my house to be. Cute little barn with cute little animals with cute little everything that I want.

As much as I'm grateful for the opportunity to get ideas and be happy for her, it is hard to come back to this farm sometimes.

Hard because this farm is SO FAR from what I would do. But it is not my farm. It is our In Laws and we have to deal with how they have done things for 30 years. Sometimes I wonder if we would be better off to buy our own little hobby farm and do things OUR way. MY way.

But the answer is always no. No because I must respect what my husband wants. I must respect what God wants. I know we are here for a reason and we have a great life. I know that we are right where we need to be, and I have to stop thinking the grass is greener on the other side.

So for today I will escape to my sunporch, because it IS perfect.


anita said...

I know that feeling. We have moved 17 times in our married lives and we are wishing our house would sell because I found the perfect house in town....:) God keeps telling me to be content and wait on Him. I think the home I really need is the heavenly one that will leave me lacking nothing, but for that I need to patiently complete the life He has for me here first. I love your porch! I envied your porch when you put up your post. Greener grass....think happy thoughts, have a great day.

Carey said...

I always feel that way about by house. Its hard feeling sad about going home when you want something so much better...and its not even about material things, its about a house that doesn't have cracks in the walls, or a kitchen ceiling that leaks..that type of thing. But I am reminded that God gave me a place to be, to raise a family, and that i do need to be content. You have a beautiful house, and an even more precious family that makes it a wonderful home.

Dad said...

How I feel living at 29 Biscayne.
but the up side really out weights the down side.