November 29, 2010

It's all about Balance

My sunporch. MY sanctuary. MY Resting place. A place where I can shut the door,look outside and hear nothing but my own thoughts.

I need my sunporch. I love my sunporch.

Perhaps because I choose to spend the rest of my day with four crazy little people ;)

If you look closely they have a pulley system going on. This is what they came up with AFTER I stopped them from tying Peyton up and attempting to hang HIM from the tree (from the waist).

So instead they dressed him up as Santa.

I would have had a picture of Audrey that was not fuzzy, but she just never stops moving long enough ;)


Kirsten said...

I love looking into your day. Miss you. xoxox

Anita said...

I'm sorry .. but that is soo funny! ☺ At least you have your sunporch!

Carey said...

Love the imagination your kids have! Awesome!
And your sun porch..beautiful!

Country Wife said...

I love your sun porch too! wish I had one myself. we did have plans to build one, but then Surprise! baby #3.
maybe someday.....for now I'll just have to enjoy your view :-)

anita said...

It sounds like Stephanie and Christina with Jonathan. They could make him do anything. One time they fed him a huge mouthful of tent caterpillars and carried him inside to 'kiss' Daddy. Gord almost lost his lunch. All in good fun! Enjoy these wonderful years all you can!