December 08, 2010

Our Tuesday.....

Stocking hung on the wall with care....

Toque worn in the house because our heat is not working properly. I'm kind of diggin' the skater look.
Baby wearing while making lunch so satisfy a snuggly,cuddly,whining, baby.

What happens when I leave the noodles in the pot too long because I was trying to take a self portrait of me and Audrey while making lunch ;)

I'm not a fan of ketchup on my homemade cheesy noodles. Actually I'm not a fan of it at all because it is just gross and not food. But it was in the fridge and today made a little man happy to eat all of his lunch ;)

My dinning room table right now. Candles, Christmas cards, homeschooling materials for the week, my agenda that has my life written in it, and fresh flowers from my husband.

Erin's painting of an old fashion Christmas drying on the craft table while grab everything Audrey sleeps.

Peyton (still in pyjamas) playing with shape thingy's while grab everything Audrey is still napping.

Touchy feely grabby baby climbing on the couch trying to reach the ornaments that are slowly becoming concentrated at the TOP of the tree....And me in my pyjamas ;)

Watching 'Horton Hear's a Who' While the little ones play around me. The big girls are out on a date with daddy picking out their Christmas dresses. Audrey looking puffy in her two pairs of pyjamas AND sweater.

That's our Tuesday!!

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jacs said...

Thanks for sharing your day Alyson. You've definitely got your hands full. Gotta love those smiles though!

I love Lara's note to Santa. What a great kid!

Take care,