November 22, 2010

Party Preperations....

I've been busy. Busy ON-line shopping and looking for what is out there. I'm not all about a LOT of presents. Just THE PRESENT. The one that will last all year, the most environmental and cost effective. I'll tell y'a. It has NOT BEEN EASY!!!

Trying to decide between shopping at a local retailer (to put money into our economy), or (not local but handmade and $ goes to the maker, but is still shipped), environmental (good choice but more expensive), and cheaper (good for our budget as we are a VERY limited income, but not so environmental)

I spent a good week searching nightly for what is out there. Comparing stores. Comparing prices. To the point that my brain seriously hurts.

I have my final list. I found the products. I was about to press BUY on the button when the price jumped on one of my items from 60$ to 129$ before my eyes. My blood pressure rose....

But I've made up my mind....I'm happy with my choices for now as long as I don't walk into ANY STORES between now and Christmas and see the millions of other fabulous things that I will want to buy. Nope..I'm putting my blinders on....Oh pray for that!!

Why do all this now??

So come December 1st I can relax and enjoy this magical month with my kids. I can remember the reason why this is all worth it in the first place.

We have a party to get ready for!!! Now I have time to decorate!!!!

Oh....and my favorite On-line Stores???

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Country Wife said...

Totally agree with you about relaxing during this wonderful month. My mom and I did a big power shopping trip and the kids (3) are basically DONE. They are allowed to ask for 3 things (except the 1 yr old who doesn't have a clue yet) on their list -- 1 comes from Santa, 1 from mom and dad, and grandma usually gets the 3rd. Then I do stockings which has little things inside....which I think is the most fun. But I decided early on Not to go crazy on the gift thing. 3 is they will get some from other family and friends. I have been to houses where the gifts are 10 feet all around the tree....which if you have unlimited income and don't mind it, great for you. But we don't, and I do mind. I can't teach them about serving others at this time of year if they are so focused on the presents. If we don't start can't get out of control!
Hubby even did the outside lights tonight, so besides some finishing touches and some baking.....bring on the jolly R&R!