November 21, 2010

Hello There

We are still here I promise. On-line Christmas shopping and research has kind of stolen my computer time...and my brain.

We are continuing to do school and wrap up as much as we can before Christmas. I like to end early so we can have time to have a little fun and bake a little more cookies.

My kids are doing well now that the Halloween candy has been thrown away. Seriously....what is it with sugar that turns this house into the CRAZY EVIL HOUSE?

Audrey is growing, climbing everything and starting to talk. She has an obsession with the phone so if you get a call with some coos on the end it is her...sorry ;)
My husband is a rare sight as he has been busy. Working full time and sometimes overtime, trying to get the wood furnace ready for the winter, helping me out, and helping out around the farm has taken his time.

We are making some progress though. This is the NEW WINTER CATTLE BARN!!! To be completed soon with gates and stuff.
It is down the hill, just above where the cattle roam in the summer. This picture sort of shows the slope of the hill.
So there you go.....we are busy. If you want to know what is going on (ahem Dad) just CALL. I don't have much brain power left for words ;)

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