November 10, 2010

I Remember

It is Rememberance Day here in Canada. Today we wear our poppies over our left breast and we take a moment to remember the hundreds of thousands of people who have EVER sacrificed themselves for peace and freedom.

Thank you to family and friends in the present as well as from the past that who have served our country and fellow man. Thank you for taking a risk and stepping out there. Thank you for seeing that somethings just MUST be done.

Thank you to my German ancestors who sent my Grandfather over to Canada to escape the war. Thank you to Uncle Ben, a holocost survivor for being so courageous. Thank you to my friends that currently serve in the forces, and thank you to our friends that have died.


Sara said...

Alyson, you know that tomorrow is Remembrance Day ... right? Today's your b-day & you don't have to share it! I love the sentiment of your post though.

Anonymous said...

Amazing story about Uncle Ben!! He has lived through so much.