November 10, 2010

It's my Birthday!!

They say it is my birthday today!
I woke up to sunshine and an 8 year old that made me coffee and dressed the baby.
I have to admit that although I hate getting older...I love my birthday because it is all about!!!!!

Selfish yes, but it is my birthday so there ;)



LaughingLady said...

If you only have this one self-centred, self-absorbed day each year, I think that's quite admirable!! ;)

Again, hope you have a wonderful day!!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday! You are a Scorpio and you have a positive outlook towards life! I’ve checked your scorpio horoscope
Its ok to be selfish, anyways, its your big day! Have a blast!:)

cathy said...

Happy birthday Alyson! You deserve the sun, moon and stars. I hope you do get spoiled, and you totally enjoy your special day.

AnnG said...

You deserve to be selfish on your birthday! Hope it is as special as you are!