October 20, 2010

Our Homeschool Week...Wednesday

It is late Wednesday night and I have not had a chance to take a picture or put my thoughts together.

We had a great day of school today but I must admit that it is all a blurr at the moment. The sun came out and we spent a good amount of time this afternoon soaking up the sun after a morning of bookwork. We did get everything accomplished that we set out to so it made enjoying the sunshine guiltless.

Adam woke up mid afternoon allowing me to get in a run, and this evening after supper the girls attending their weekly Clubhouse meeting at church.

That is one reason we enjoy homeschooling. Because he works shifts and works on a rotating schedule, sometimes he is off for two days during the week. This allows our 'weekend' to happen during the week. We are so used to it, that I can't imagine having him home for real weekends all the time!
Anyway, my point is that tomorrow he is off and we are adding a few different activities in our day. Normally Thursdays we spend on school stuff but since he is off we will be spending a little more family time together.
That is also why for the last two days we pushed the bookwork a little more. The girls don't mind working a little harder and longer for 2 days if it allows for extended playtime later on. I like that our schedule is flexible. This way we never seem to get bored.

It is late...I'm tired and will sign off. I'll try to take pictures tomorrow.

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