October 22, 2010

Homeschool Thursday....

I thought today was going to be a bad day. I woke up to cold and clouds and dreaded the thought of not seeing the sun. I was preparing to be grumpy.
Some people tell me 'Oh I could never be around my children that much. I would need my space'. I understand that statement, but if I worked SOMEBODY would be around me and be on the receiving end of my grumpiness right??
I could not just pull the covers over my head and stay in bed all day. I suppose I could if I did not have a husband or children and played hooky from work, but that can only go on for so many days...

The way I see it is sometimes being responsible for these little ones keeps me accountable and in check. It forces me to get out of bed and gives me a reason to look for the bright side of things and not take it out on those around me.
Besides..I do get alone time. Running, or in the car. The other night I got to grocery shop for 2 hours in SILENCE when the girls were at Club. I'll tell y'a, that was heaven!!

My point.....I know I had one....

My point is that not all days are happy go lucky homeschool days. We are normal just like you. Some days I hate my job and dream of laying on a beach in the South of France. Then I get over it and remember that I really do like my life.

So moving on about Thursday.....

Finished all of our read alouds and MOST of our bookwork,
We did some extra spelling and reading stuff,
Lara helped Adam outside in the yard,
Oh, and Lara went for a riding lesson in the morning with Adam.
We read, played outside as soon as the sun came out...yay!!!!!
Dance Party in the living room....
Visitors. Lara worked on a poster with her friend for a bake sale
Lara and her friend went to Art class and I drove Erin to Grandma's for a piano lesson.

That's it for our schooling day. Homeschooling can be cheap but also can be quite expensive depending on what you choose the do. What I love is there are plenty of activities to put our kids in to help them with subjects that we cannot teach. For example, Lara loves Art and is beyond my capabilities. I don't mind finding her a class for that. This way she also gets the opportunity to be around lots of other kids and make friends on her own.

Can't be anymore expensive than hockey!! Wow that sport is crazy expensive!! Because most homeschoolers are a one income family however, there is definitely a lot of picking and choosing.
I am VERY grateful we live near a city with a ton of things to choose from. I'm also grateful we belong to a homeschool community where we can get together and do things.
Some people do theatre class, some french. It is nice to have the option.
Not all homeschoolers are that lucky or live that close to other like minded people.

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Anonymous said...

I so enjoy your blogs! I am a SAHM of 4! My kids are a bit older then yours. 9, 7, 4 & 2....but, it is so fun to hear you put into words the life of a mom of 4. Oh, we homeschool as well : )

We live in the middle of no where though. It is an hour any place we go. Our town has nothing for kids to do in the cold winter months. Our community center was destroyed in a tornado this summer along with our high school. There is talk of an indoor pool though.

I have lost 80 pounds recently....and I am so excited to fit into snow pants to play out in the snow with my kids this winter & go sledding! Enjoy the small moments right?

I'm sure you feel as though I do....4 kids is exhausting at times.....there are times I think I had to many....but then there are moments I am so happy to have all 4! Right now my oldest 2 girls are loading the dishwasher & doing the dishes....and my boys are baking (pretending) with my pans on the couch...things I would miss if they were at daycare!

Someday I will look back and know I made the right decision. Keep the faith!