October 19, 2010

Our Homeschool Week...Tuesday

Today was a typical Tuesday for us with a few extra visitors.
Breakfast …coffee/email
Husband arrives home and goes to bed…shhhhh quiet
Chores (dressed, chickens, make beds ect)
At 9am,
Audrey goes down for her first nap and I sit down with the big girls for devotions and History/Geography Read-Alouds (The Sonlight Core1 Curriculum I told you about)

While Peyton played Play Doh, the big girls tackled their seat work. They each have a bin with their stuff in it. They have a large book with English/Math/Social Studies/Science in it. They do a lesson a week of each subject. Depending on what the topic is, I then build on it with other work found from various sources. Today Lara completed Social Studies and Erin tackled both Social Studies and Science.

While I clean up the breakfast dishes and fold another load of laundry (didn't I finish that yesterday?), We got a little sidetracked when Lara asked me what the 'things' on the plant are. See that plant on the table?? Apparently it was harboring some sort of bug that laid A LOT of eggs and decided at that very moment to hatch......

Anyway, after a little sanitizing, Erin played playdoh with Peyton while Lara watched a documentary on the computer about the Pilgrims and the Natives. It went right along with her Social Studies today and she was game for it...

Audrey is now awake and the 3 little ones and I head outside to play in the leaves. Lara chose to finish the film.

Lunch. Daddy awake.
Girls coloured outside for recess.they are doing some art project.
Peyton is now napping and I steal a moment to put my feet up and turn on The Young and the Restless ;)

It is now 1pm....

Printing lessons for Erin and Reading Comprehension and Spelling for Lara.

Independent Reading for Lara while I sat down with Erin and her reader.

Visitors and free play for the girls

French together . This is new this year. We are doing Mission ABC. Purchased from the Peppermint Stick Learning Company. We aim for 3 days a week but that does not always happen.


Lara, Erin, and Peyton went over to the cousins across the street for an hour while I had another visitor and made supper.


Bath night

Stories and Bedtime.


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