October 22, 2010

Our Homeschool Friday...

Friday's are always left open. They are the day for appointments, errands, play-dates, or catching up on school work left incomplete from the week.

Today we Did devotions and Canadian Geography together,
Erin did her Abeka reader,
Lara and Erin wrote letters to their best friends,

And then the appointments and car shuffling happened. THIS I'm pretty sure ALL MOMS can relate to whether you homeschool or not, or work or not. I had 2 appointments 45 minutes apart for two different people, and then a third appointment an hour after that. Then I had to get the little ones their supper, pick up the other one....and on and on.

I try to explain to my husband that's why we 'drive like moms'. Because we have places to be like, NOW!! Get out of my way!!!

All is well now. They are safe and cozy and tucked in their beds. And just because Lara spent an extra hour and a half at the dance studio because I thought my mother was picking her up does not make me a bad Mom does it?? ;) Oh well. Can't win em all.....

I hope you have enjoyed reading about our homeschool week. I get asked A LOT what our days look like so there you go.
Happy Weekend. Ours will be 'normal' as my husband has it off.

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Dad said...

Sort of why parents give their kids cell phones.
Not that I'm for it.