August 30, 2010

Moments in Time...Enjoying the Journey

I had a wonderful day Sunday with the children. After church and naps we headed to the local park by the water for Beachfest for FREE. Some days the thought of taking all 4 children somewhere that involves activities, line ups and a lot of people seems daunting.
Just the thought of it seems to drain my body of energy and my feet begin to throb.

Sunday was different. It was fun. It was refreshing. It was a moment that I'm glad I took the time to enjoy. I did not rush the kids from activity to activity. I just followed them along and enjoyed watching them play. After the crowd left we spent an extra hour at the beach. I just sat there keeping a close eye on the little ones. I got so much enjoyment out of watching Audrey discover the sand and water on her toes. It is moments like these that are so simple yet awesome. Awesome in that I get to be a part of their childhood...their memories...their life.

I am blessed to have the awesome responsibility to watch over them. Today...that job does not feel as daunting and I'm grateful for that. Today I am able to enjoy the journey.


Anita said...

sounds fun.. .sometimes crowds can be done with 4 kids ☺ Glad you guys had a great family day.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

It's a good thing!


Kaitlin said...

Yeah wow, taking four kids places like that does sound daunting, seeing as I only have two and think that same thing many days myself! Good for you to get out with them and enjoy yourself! I hope you and your family enjoy these last fleeting days of summer, but oh how wonderful autumn is too....

Andrea said...

:D sounds did she taste the sand too?

Oh, for some reason your blog background comes up as the image cannot be its white, with this annoying thing floating in the background lol. it is only me that sees this?!
just thought I would mention it ;)